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What travel’s top CEOs have to say about consumers’ mobile habits

12/22/2014| 10:08:54 PM| 中文

We caught up with 10 online travel agency and hotel CEOs, as well as an executive chairman to see what their companies are up to in terms of rolling out the next phase in mobile innovations.

Like an artist surveying a blank canvas,Kayak CEO Steve Hafner and his technophile minions just love the fact that smartphone screens are getting bigger, and these out-sized homescreens are likely to play a pumped-up role for travelers as they switch from phone to laptop and tablet, and back again.

From dining reservations platform OpenTable to hotel-booker and review site TripAdvisor andLa Quinta Inns & Suites, the CEOs of these companies and others are investing lots of dough and people-power into changing the way travelers use their smartphones and tablets to make trips more sleek and elegant.

Or — more accurately — they are responding to the game-changing new ways consumers are using their mobile devices in order to provide new features and services to ease and speed various aspects of your planning and actual travel experiences.

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