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Shipbuilders gain momentum in Central China as yacht tourism thrives

05/24/2023| 5:33:15 PM|

The number of inquiries and orders doubles.

As the summer approaches, yacht companies are currently experiencing their busiest period to receive and fulfill orders, aligning perfectly with the surge in travel demand.

"Recently, we have been particularly busy, with the number of inquiries and orders doubling," said Liu Gang, deputy general manager of Haiquan Yacht Co Ltd, whose phone now rings incessantly with new business prospects.

Liu said the company's primary focus is the manufacturing of passenger boats and tourist yachts. "With a series of promotional policies in place, the tourism industry is experiencing a robust revival and domestic water-based tourism has welcomed various development opportunities."

Liu believes the shipbuilding sector holds immense potential for expansion, given the rising popularity of yacht tourism.

"Since the beginning of the year, we have witnessed a significant increase in order volume," said Xia Canhui, an employee of Hunan-based Taohuajiang Yacht Co Ltd.

"To maintain stable orders and expand the market, our company has dispatched sales representatives to various regions across the country," Xia said.

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