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OAG: Busiest Routes Right Now

11/23/2020| 7:45:48 PM| 中文

In fact, the Top 10 Domestic Routes connect just 5 cities – Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Chengdu.

Over recent months it’s become clear that domestic travel remains more resilient than international travel, driven of course by the approach governments have taken to shutting down borders.  All ten of the domestic routes operate in countries within Asia, reflecting a combination of the strength of the response to the pandemic in this region, and the lifecycle of the virus’s progression around the globe.  Asian countries experienced the worst of COVID in the first half of 2020, whilst European and North America are now in that part of the cycle. 

Nowhere is this more evident than in China, where four of the world’s domestic Top 10 routes operate. In 2019, just one Chinese domestic route (Beijing-Shanghai) made it into the global Top 10. In November’s Frequency and Capacity Analysis, seat capacity in China’s domestic market is now 10% ahead of November 2019, highlighting that this is a market that has now moved from recovery into growth. 

For the first time, OAG has included the Top 10 domestic routes in the world’s two biggest markets: China and the USA.  

In China, Beijing-Shanghai tops that ranking, with almost 90 flights each day shuttling back and forth between these two mega-cities. In fact, the Top 10 Domestic Routes connect just 6 cities – Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Chengdu. 

Internationally, regional lockdowns and closed borders have changed the Top 10 Global Rankings. In 2019, 9 of the Top 10 busiest international routes operated within Asia but. Five of the routes in 2019 operated to or from Hong Kong and three to or from Singapore.  This November, just three of the Top 10 operate within Asia, and just two of those operate to or from Hong Kong, with six starting or ending in the Middle East. 

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