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Tour specialist removes friction for Australian travelers to China

12/06/2019| 4:44:59 PM|

Wendy Wu Tours' customers will be able to pre-load over $200 to use via Alipay and WeChat Pay while traveling in China from next year.

Wendy Wu Tours is removing a whole lot of friction for Aussie travelers to China with some significant enhancements to its offering.

Speaking at a company lunch at Sydney’s Aria restaurant last week, Wendy Wu herself revealed that Australians who travel with the wholesaler to China for 30 days but enter from Shanghai or Chongqing airports will no longer have to apply for a visa the (dreaded) normal way by filling out forms.

Instead, the whole process is essential in the hands of Wendy Wu Tours, with the company collecting a few details from customers, along with a copy of their passport and a photo, before loading it all online. All that’s left for customers to do then is wait for the visa to arrive in the mail.

“We are lobbying the government for Beijing and many other cities [to accept this process], and the chance of making that happen is very, very high,” Wu said.

“There’s about an 80 percent chance that many other cities in China will have that hassle-free visa.”

Another “sensational visa invention” (as Wu describes it) by the company is the ability for British travelers to fly to Chongqing without needing a physical visa until they arrive.

In partnership with British Airways, Wendy Wu Tours now lets their UK customers use an email to board their flight and then pick up their physical visa when they arrive in Chongqing.

Wu said she is also lobbying Shanghai to adopt this simplified process.

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