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Chinese tourists expects to make 166 million outbound trips in 2019

11/26/2019| 10:01:48 AM| 中文

Much of the tourism flow remains intraregional, with APAC residents making 455 million visits within the region in 2018.

The Asia-Pacific region is forecast to account for 30 percent of international visitor arrivals globally by 2030, up from just 8 percent in 2011, and it is set to change the landscape of hospitality across the world.

While the estimate is based on the United Nations World Travel Organisation (UNWTO) 2011 forecast, in the first six months of 2019, international tourism exceeded these expectations by 4 percent. And, with Asia Pacific outpacing even this global growth – up 6 percent year-on-year – the region is expected to gain a slice of an even bigger pie.

China leads the way. Its residents made 150 million outbound tourism trips in 2018, with that number expected to rise to 166 million in 2019. South Koreans accounted for the second-highest number of outbound trips by APAC residents, with 29 million. India (26 million), Japan (19 million) and Taiwan (16 million) followed.

The focus is not simply on tourism hotspots though. The emphasis instead is on places that can deliver more personalized and experience-based travel, says Giuliano Esposito, Senior Vice President, Strategic Advisory & Asset Management for JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group. “Tourists increasingly rely on online sources as well as bespoke travel agencies that can offer travel curated to their individual interests. So tourists no longer concentrate solely on visiting a particular country, but on the experience they want to receive.”

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