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Airbnb finding favour with German and Spanish travellers

01/11/2016| 7:01:50 PM| 中文

A snapshot of travel booking habits across Europe, carried out by marketing tech firm Rocket Fuel, has a few eyebrow-raising findings, specifically around the popularity of Airbnb.

It said that “Travellers from Germany and Spain are the most frequent customers of Airbnb with 35% having used the service in the last year, followed closely by 34% of French and Italians.” The take-up from UK travellers is one in four.

The sample and methodology which generated these surprisingly high figures is “a study of Rocket Fuel EMEA & US hotel and accommodation campaigns between June and August  2015 and a consumer survey of 1,500 travellers from US, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and UK in August 2015.”

Elsewhere, the study finds that Brits are “the most relaxed in Europe about making travel arrangements” as the average lead-in time for a booking is 29 days. If Brits are the most relaxed, then the French are the most stressed, with an average lead-in time of 54 days.

No indication is given as to why this is the case, and while some might see late booking as a sign of being relaxed, others might see it as disorganised or undecided.

Some more finding are presented in the infographic below

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