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Welcome to the Future of Business Travel

08/08/2014| 6:50:08 PM| 中文

The sharing economy is going from boho to white collar, and elbowing its way into your expense reports. Here's why that actually matters.

There are ways we work today that would have given a last-century HR manager a nervous twitch. There's employee collaboration, file-sharing, and general chit-chat, over less-than secure cloud services. There's employee adoption of new third-party services such as Expensify and Yammer that, once they've Trojan Horsed their way into a company's workflow, are impossible to extract. There's BYOD.

If you think this is a problem, I'm part of the problem.

In addition to, well, all of the above, I've repeatedly booked lodgings on Airbnb for business travel. Beyond basic math and logic, I didn't really think about it: It was less costly than a nice--or even medium-nice--hotel, more central, and more comfortable for me as a working traveler (free WiFi; ample coffee). It just made sense. I've hailed for short work travel non-cab car services--Uber, Lyft, and the like--when it was logical to do so. My editors do the same. (Based on the responses we got to a Facebook post inquiring, many of you do the same as well.)

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