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The sharing economy begins assault on business travel

08/01/2014| 6:50:36 PM| 中文

The annual Global Business Travel Association Convetion is generally the bastion of big business, with legacy companies exhibiting to retain and grow their corporate client lists.

Some startups targeting business travelers would represent at the fringes, but generally the environment was one of entrenched interests. It’s easy to imagine that this scene has changed little over the past decade.

Oh, how the entrenched interests have changed in 2014! For the first time, sharing and peer-to-peer companies were represented on the trade show floor. Both Airbnb and Uber purchased space to showcase their respective services for business travelers, and have created sleek, brand-appropriate spaces that made for serious buzz among attendees.

And as Concur’s recent integrations show, there is a growing appetite for these sorts of on-demand, sharing services to be integrated into the business travel experience. This growth is already happening, and it’s now on to the business travel industry to take note and adapt.

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