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7 ways travel brands can build customer loyalty

10/24/2013| 10:23:08 AM| 中文

Despite the travel industry being a technological pioneer (having created the 'Global Distribution System' - a precursor to the internet), and 83% of leisure travellers using the internet to plan their trips, the sector has fallen behind others such as retail, according to a white paper from Maxymiser which highlights a number of ways in which the loyal traveller's heart and mind can be re-won.

From the creation of mobile sites to personalisation, social media to video, few travel companies are yet exploiting new technologies to their maximum benefit, whether to improve the customer experience or drive up revenues. In fact, research by eDigital noted that travel companies consistently score lower than retail organisations, which deliver both a better mobile app and web site experience.

This lack of investment and innovation is in direct contrast to customer attitudes toward the use of the online channel for travel-related research and purchases. Ten years ago, only one in three UK internet users had made a holiday or travel booking online, and many were not comfortable with online as a purchasing channel. Now 80% of travel products in the UK are researched or purchased online - the highest figure for any country in the world - according to the European Travel Commission.

With travel marketers needing to step up to the next level, Maxymiser compiled its list of key opportunities for the travel industry to not only improve the customer experience, but to increase ancillary sales, boost conversion rates, and drive up average booking values per customer:

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