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Expedia aims to transform travel without crossing the 'creepy line'

10/16/2013| 10:04:19 AM| 中文

Travel could be on the cusp of a "transformative technological revolution" - but companies must take care not to cross the "creepy line", new research by online booking agency Expedia has found.

If current trends continue, travellers could soon enjoy airports with no queues, hotels which know when to expect their arrival and the ability to book the perfect holiday without needing to specify a destination, it said.

It describes the possibility of a "virtual personal assistant" storing boarding cards, hotel check-in information and updating travel itineraries in real-time as the journey progresses. Passengers, it said, could "glide with their e-passports and smart visas through terminals uninterrupted by checkpoints and not held up by queues". Would-be travellers, it suggested, need not be constrained by an "origin plus destination plus date" search when booking trips, instead asking online providers to find the best holiday to fit their interests.

But the extent to which this vision is fulfilled depends on how far travellers are willing to go in sharing information about their trips - a limit the report dubs "the creepy line".

Read full story at: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/retailandconsumer/leisure/10375560/Expedia-aims-to-transform-travel-without-crossing-the-creepy-line.html

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