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Hotels – how to reduce OTA dependency

07/22/2013| 10:38:42 AM| 中文

By optimizing hotel content strategies and marketing agreements et al, hotels can gradually reduce their dependency on OTAs.

The hospitality digital landscape is beyond saturated and very much a buyers market. OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) and travel meta search engines are extremely advanced and continuously evolving, making it a challenging environment for hoteliers trying to increase direct, non commissionable, web business. So what can individual properties and chain hotels do to reduce their dependency on OTAs? Read on to find out.

Strategies to reduce OTA dependency

The OTAs are masters of selling, regardless of product quality and hospitality. Hotels can be masters of product quality and hospitality, yet remain reliant on the sales power of OTA’s. To give some idea of the scale of OTA activity, Goldman Sachs estimates that OTAs generate 8-10% of Google’s gross revenue worldwide with their PPC spend.

Read full story at: http://www.samweston.co.uk/hotels-reduce-ota-dependency/

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