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Tripbase releases 'Intelligent Destination Finder'

09/22/2008| 11:59:00 AM| 中文

September 18, 2008: Tripbase announced the launch of its Beta site, which includes the Internet’s first “Intelligent Destination Finder” specifically for road trips.

September 18, 2008: Tripbase announced the launch of its Beta site, which includes the Internet’s first “Intelligent Destination Finder” specifically for road trips.  The Beta release also features an increase to over 15,000 destinations to compliment Tripbase’s flight-based services and new road trip planner.  These advances enhance Tripbase’s “Personalized Destination Finder,” which recommends destinations to travelers based on their preferences for attractions, weather, dining, budget, shopping, nightlife and more. 

Intelligent Road Trip Planner

Tripbase’s new functionality helps road trippers:

- Quickly and easily find the best travel destinations within their preferred driving radius (searchable by either time or mileage).

- Budget effectively by providing an estimation of the trip’s fuel costs.

- Consider the differences in driving time between the recommended destinations.

“Launching a ‘Personalized Destination Finder’ for road trips gives us the ability to serve a whole new segment of travelers who aren’t planning to fly on their vacations,” says Reuven Levitt, CEO and Co-Founder of Tripbase.  “With the price of airline tickets skyrocketing, this feature helps families stretch their vacation dollars while finding interesting destinations they may not have considered before.  It’s also a great feature for eco-conscious travelers who are concerned about their carbon footprints.”

Enhanced Destination Recommendations

Unlike traditional travel websites, Tripbase does not ask users to search through mountains of data.  Rather, users enter their travel preferences first. Then, in a matter of seconds, Tripbase provides unique, unbiased recommendations for the best destinations, hotels, flights, activities and much more based on what the user is seeking.

Tripbase’s Beta release includes an increase to over 15,000 destinations worldwide.  This growing list gives Tripbase the ability to provide users with more “off the beaten path” destinations along with more highly targeted recommendations.

“Offering travelers a robust range of destinations increases the chances that users are going to find exactly what they’re looking for in a vacation,” says Mr. Levitt. “A year ago, it was more likely that we could match a user to a vacation that met 80% of their preferences.  The dramatic increase in locations that we’re now offering brings us closer to our goal of providing perfect vacation recommendations.”

Customized Destination Information

After finding matching destinations, Tripbase users are provided with customized destination information and features including:

- The most popular local attractions, top activities and destination photos.

- An estimated daily budget as well as expected weather (based on time of year).

- Specific attraction and activity ratings based on traveler reviews.

- Cheap booking for hotels, flights and car rentals through the top Internet travel websites. 

- Links to destination guides and relevant articles from across the web.

- Capability to search for and save specific destinations.
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