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New Online Information Source Asks Airline Passengers

05/27/2008| 11:01:00 AM| 中文

Friday, 23 May 2008: A new information source for airline passengers, www.HowWasYourFlight.com, was launched on Thursday.

Friday, 23 May 2008: A new information source for airline passengers, www.HowWasYourFlight.com, was launched on Thursday.

The site will provide summaries of recent air-travel related news, as well as commentaries on key issues facing airline passengers.

HowWasYourFlight.com has been established by the Reaching Higher Coalition, a coalition of community groups, clergy, elected leaders, and airport workers who are committed to raising awareness and standards in the U.S. airline industry.

As the latest University of Michigan report shows that customer satisfaction with the airline industry has dropped to its lowest level since 2001, the site will give passengers an opportunity to share their concerns by completing passenger surveys and uploading photos and video.

“Passengers face an increasing list of problems when flying, including stranded flights, security concerns, aircraft safety, and quality customer service. Passengers need an industry-specific information source to learn about these issues affecting them, as well as a venue within which to share their own concerns,” said Dr. Lewis E. Logan, II.

“Furthermore, airport executives and customer service representatives can gain access to these reactions and concerns expressed by their customers and employees for the purpose of improving working conditions as well as increasing customer service satisfaction.”

The recent months have seen turbulent changes in the airline industry. Airlines are facing mounting scrutiny after two Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspectors blew the whistle on the cosy relationship between the FAA and the airlines that have resulted in unreported non-compliance with FAA safety requirements. Subsequently, United and American Airlines cancelled thousands of flights for safety inspections.

The recent news of airline consolidations has been met with mixed reactions by passengers and airline workers alike who have real reasons for concern. Many industry experts have speculated that consolidations may result in higher fares, reduced flights, substandard customer service, and more crowded airports. For workers, whether they are working directly for or subcontracted by the airlines, consolidation could mean further pay cuts and layoffs.

“These issues affect all of us, as air travellers, airport workers, and community residents,” said Dr. Logan.

“The airline industry’s standards will only change when an informed coalition of airline executives, airport commissioners, air travellers, airport workers, clergy, and community residents urgently and strategically address these important matters. I believe that HowWasYourFlight.com will be a vehicle to educate, inform and involve such a coalition in the work of raising the standards of the overall airline industry.
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