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Pingtan to invest over RMB 10 billion in building Innovation Industrial Park

12/31/2021| 2:55:59 PM|

Pingtan, known as China's "Maldives", is home to abundant living resources, mineral resources and tourism resources.

Primarily pursuing to be international and youthful, Pingtan International Tourism Island is vigorously developing cultural tourism economy with focus on enhancing core competitiveness in culture, tourism and sports. Pingtan will invest more than 10 billion yuan in building an "International Automotive Culture & Sports Sci-tech Innovation Industrial Park". In the park, Pingtan will use its unique advantages in hosting a series of racing events to make Pingtan International Racing Carnival a brand and Pingtan a paradise for racing enthusiasts and a place to enjoy coastal culture and sports tourism.

Dalian Island in northwest Pingtan has a development pattern of "Sea Tourism Gallery-Land Tourism Ring-Island Living Experience Area-Island Wellness Resort-Island Business Experience Area". It is planned to build Dalian Island as a "Pearl Necklace" by utilizing the island's resources - an international tourist resort integrating cultural and natural exploration, eco-tourism, medical beauty and healthcare, an important move to develop Pingtan into an international tourism island.

Tourism development, new models of tourism, reorganization and upgrading of tourism products in Dalian Island will also provide reference and guidance for other island tourist areas. As the tourism resources in Pingtan Island become popular, Dalian Island will easily become a hot case of cultural tourism study because of its independent space, complete ecology and unique culture in the future.

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