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Low-touch hotels are here to stay

09/27/2021| 5:38:37 PM|

It is not so much a revolution in the way hotels operate that is taking place, but rather an accelerated adoption of existing technology.

At the start of the pandemic, I implemented, when considered in retrospect, was an uncharacteristic experiment. For an entire day, I tried not to touch anything in a public space. After a few hours of what seemed like a long game of playground tag, I realised that it was impossible to shun much of our physical contact outside the home effectively.

However, this experiment led me to another realisation -that with better design, a much less tactile experience would be relatively easy. With simple architectural changes and better use of technology, reducing unnecessary contact with our environment could be reasonably easy. Hence, this innocent yet timely experiment was valuable in several levels

Covid-19 has placed greater scrutiny on design, particularly in public and transient spaces like hotels. Social distancing, reduced congestion points, better use of technology, and Covid cleaning protocols of rooms and public spaces are all top of mind for travellers. The overarching objective for hotels of any star rating is offer guests a low touch experience, with high guest service, with the objective to connect with guests at all journeys of their stay.

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