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Making more affordable software for the world’s independent hotels

09/11/2020| 2:03:37 PM| 中文

HotelRunner’s digital marketing efforts to acquire a hotel user on a freemium model is as low as USD 3.

Independent owners and small-to-mid-sized operators manage a majority of the world’s hotels, bed-and-breakfasts, and short-term rental properties. But their lack of tech expertise and small budgets tend to make them tough sells for software vendors. That has left an opening for startups aiming to tackle this underserved market.

Enter HotelRunner, a startup offering basic tools for managing and selling travel lodging online. It has found traction this year despite the pandemic.

While many hotel tech vendors have been furloughing staff and struggling, HotelRunner has been profitable and is currently hiring for market managers, product managers, and developers in Europe and the U.S. to join its 55 employees.

Being cheaper than rivals is one strategy for HotelRunner. The company gives away basic digital services like building a website and adding an internet booking engine.

HotelRunner faces other possible critiques, too. Many other companies trying to offer an array of services have struggled, relative to players focused on solving a single problem well, while other vendors have struggled to find sustainable profit margins while chasing the long-tail instead of hotel groups and hospitality’s other big enterprise companies.

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