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How Apple’s new privacy effort will impact travel marketing

09/07/2020| 10:16:05 PM| 中文

A few industry observers said the unintended effect of these privacy moves by the tech giants may be to concentrate their power.

Apple is set in the coming weeks to release a new operating system, iOS 14, that will require app developers to get users’ clear consent to track their online behavior. The change affects players that place ads in apps on behalf of brands, such as placing ads for an online agency in a dating app.

Apple has touted the move as a plus for consumers, giving them greater transparency about privacy and data sharing. Apple will also demand that app developers, such as travel brands, disclose what data they collect and who their data-sharing partners are.

The question for travel brands is how many consumers will opt out of ad targeting and tracking on iOS devices.

First-party data refers to email addresses, phone numbers, and other information consumers agree to share directly with companies in exchange for things like loyalty program benefits. With Apple changing the game, this data will be more valuable, but some travel marketers will have to up their game in using it.

Apple’s new move may speed up a rising use of identity linking solutions and authenticated traffic solutions from various companies to enable “people-based” identification.

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