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What hotel GMs can do for the return of Chinese travelers post COVID-19

04/30/2020| 5:16:04 PM|

The key factor for travelers is to be safe and supported.

Anita Chan, CEO of Compass Edge, has shared a few post COVID-19 trends and her ideas on what hotels GMs can do now to get ahead of the game to welcome Chinese travelers post COVID-19. 

1. Flexibility

This is what the world is expecting now. Chinese will book discount rates but with no ties attached. So, it is time for GMs to rethink the rate strategy as booking habits will change post COVID-19.

2. Ambient Wellness

Safety is #1 consideration of Chinese travelers even before COVID-19. It is not just taking body temperature or giving out hand sanitizers or having a disinfectant schedule, etc. GMs need to rethink of all physical spaces to embed health-boosting measures into the very spaces that hotel guests pass through, making staying healthy effortless.

3. Mental Wellbeing

Before COVID-19 cure is widely available, Chinese travelers would like to get assurance that even if they get sick, the medical system of the country the visited can support them and hotel they stayed can offer assistance if needed. Hence, GMs can prepare the checklist and procedure on "what if" so staff can be trained up now to handle potential crisis scenarios.

4. Assisted Development

Chinese want to learn while traveling and be better versions of themselves. This is the new luxury. So hotels that can assist in their personal development will be the winners. For example, text-the-chef to get cooking inspiration and tips. As social distancing will continue for a while, private classes may be popular. It is an opportunity for GMs to rethink activities along this direction now.

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