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Events and activities drives travel, not flights and hotels

12/04/2018| 6:27:24 PM| 中文

Lack of awareness of current events and performances is a major inhibitor to event attendance. Travel sites could deliver personalized event booking options with advantages in customer data.

In August 2018, Arival undertook a comprehensive study to provide insights on the in-destination experience to help creators and sellers of attractions, activities, events, and tours understand the key trends and drivers around traveler behavior.  In this study, we conducted an online survey of 1,000 U.S. adult travelers (18+) who took a trip 100+ miles from home, included an overnight stay, and engaged with a qualifying in-destination experience. 

Key takeaways:

* Events are a key component of the in-destination experience, with over 40% of U.S. travelers incorporating events into their travel plans. 

* For event travelers, the events are the most important component of the tripplanning process. 

* Digital is key to research and booking, but the ticket window still plays a big role. 

* Travelers book events far more in advance than they do for tours and activities, because of the schedule and capacity constraints of events. 

* Just 1% of travelers who attend events on trips purchase their tickets through travel sites or apps, a huge missed opportunity for the online travel industry. 

* Travelers seek convenience and best pricing in choosing a booking channel for event tickets.

Nearly two in five U.S. travelers attend a concert or theatrical performance when traveling. One in four attend a professional sporting event, according to Arival’s Event Horizon: The Role of Events in Travel & Tourism.

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