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Hotel amenities and loyalty rank high with travellers

11/21/2018| 9:43:16 AM| 中文

Travel buyers should identify reducing programme costs, increasing policy compliance and traveller satisfaction as their top goals for 2019.

Nearly 70 per cent of travel buyers say that enforcing policy is one of the most challenging aspects of their job, but new research also identified a large gap in traveller knowledge of policy when it comes to booking hotels.

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) surveyed 265 travel buyers across the US and Europe in partnership with Roomit by CWT. A separate poll of 750 business travellers found a disconnect between the two groups.  

Jessica Collison, GBTA director of research, said: “Travel programme goals can be difficult to reach when travel buyers and business travellers are not on the same page. The research identifies where disconnects exist between hotel policy and traveller behaviour and provides buyers with areas they can focus on to drive increased cost savings without necessarily compromising on traveller satisfaction. Ongoing communication to keep travellers informed on policy can go a long way toward achieving programme goals.”

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