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6 Ways to Engage with Your Guests Before They Arrive

09/29/2018| 8:21:18 AM| 中文

During the booking confirmation phase, the first thing hotels should do is to ask guests for their preferred methods of communication. And second to highlight brand promise and continue the work of setting expectations for the guest’s stay.

Consumer expectations are constantly evolving. As such, Google Travel has named our modern time “the age of assistance.” This term doesn’t refer to traditional customer service, but the multi-layered communications approach required by nearly every brand with customers.

Think about it. Pre-travel emails, texts, and push notifications are standard practice for airlines — even budget airlines — to reach out regularly to travelers after the booking and in the weeks and days leading up to a flight.

This is why hotels need to get with the times. While this might be daunting for hotels with fewer resources, the great part is, this kind of pre-trip communication series can be totally automated. Your marketing and/or ops team puts in the effort once to create the communication series, and that’s it. The messages run in the background, and you rake in the extra revenue and delight guests with no additional effort.

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