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Dubai fills growing demand from Chinese vocational students in UAE tourism

06/22/2018| 10:07:26 AM|

The number of visitors from China grew 12% in the first quarter of 2018, delivering 258,000 more tourists in comparison to last year, according to the Dubai Tourism Authority.

Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP), the region’s prominent hub dedicated to human resource management and learning excellence, is helping meet this demand by supplying targeted vocational training courses through its partner institutions and attracting working professionals from China to come study in the UAE.

“Given the need for authentic diversity in the hospitality and tourism sector in Dubai, Chinese professionals could hold the key to widening the talent pool and supporting the industry.”

Recognising the need to equalise qualifications, recent agreements between educational authorities in China and Dubai have enabled greater levels of collaboration in higher education and student exchange, meaning educational degrees obtained in Dubai will be recognised in China. This, along with the ability to obtain visas on arrival to Dubai, has attracted a lot of interest within the international Chinese community.

Partners at DKP are reporting an increase in Chinese professionals looking for courses in the Culinary, Aviation, Hospitality and Tourism, and Languages sectors.

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