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How the cruise industry is innovating

01/09/2018| 2:40:15 PM| 中文

Here are six high-tech innovations which were once nearly impossible on cruises.

Cruise lines such as Windstar accommodate the need to access devices, social media platforms, and email as they sail, by providing wifi on its yachts. Passengers can stay in touch as much or as little as they like while aboard.

Remember, the ability to access a telephone is also high tech.

Signs on ships are now bright digital signs. Wayfinding guides are also digital, orienting travelers onboard to where they are and where they want to go. Some of these utilize touch as well as sight for passengers who would prefer to use tactile methods.

Many use robot bartenders, who present drinks to passengers packed nicely and conveniently where they can reach it. The robot comes back to take the passenger’s bottles and glasses away as well. 

Many ships now have large high-definition LED screensin cabins that bring the wonders of the outside world inside.

For passengers who enjoy playing video games or watching movies, they won’t have to entirely reorient their leisure time on shipboard. An increasing number of cruise lines have activity lounges filled with high tech! Videogames, gaming stations, movies on demand, and other activities make lounges a favorite place to hang.

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