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Shimao Group unveils MiniMax Hotel and MiniMax Premier Hotel brands

10/20/2014| 11:01:44 AM|

Shimao Group has recently unveiled its novel concept hotel brand, MiniMax Hotel,

Shimao Group has recently unveiled its novel concept hotel brand, MiniMax Hotel, following the initiation of its proprietary hotel branding program and debut of the first hotel under the proprietary MiniMax brand.

MiniMax Hotel was conceived with a focus on the latest trends and the new generation of consumers who dare to break traditional boundaries, targeting the young adult segment as its customer base. Specifically, MiniMax Hotel -- a Mid-end Concept Hotel -- targets fashionable young travelers who seek an unconventional travel experience, while MiniMax Premier Hotel -- a High-end Concept Hotel -- targets the segment seeking a high-quality hotel experience that stretches beyond the boundaries of the expected.

"One of our core values is innovation, and we focus on being forward thinking in our exploration for new ideas across the hospitality ecosystem. MiniMax Hotel has identified the precise demographic that it seeks to target, and focuses on experiential services that not only meet the expectations of that demographic but also serve to create new ones. The hotel is expected to form novel hotel consumption habits and models," said Robin Shen,VP of Shimao group and GM of Shimao Hotels and Resorts.


With a focus on "Mini" as the core design concept, MiniMax Hotel has created a high-end hotel brand incorporating natural and simple elements that differentiate it from traditional luxury hotels with sophisticated facilities that require huge investment but offer a low ROI. The hotel stands out among its peers across the Chinese hospitality sector by reinventing the concept of what a hotel should be through the hotel's high level of personalization in design.

Interactive platform

Taking into account the dependence of today's young consumers on smart systems, social media and e-commerce platforms, MiniMax Hotel integrates the end-to-end booking process through to the confirmation of the reservation with social networking and shopping into an interactive platform that allows for comprehensive interactive communication with the guest.  

Two green certifications

MiniMax Hotel uses its unique green concept to create ten game-changing innovations, including providing in-room air quality consistent with that found in a U.S. national park, a solar-assisted hot water system, a building infrastructure that provides an acoustically and visually pleasing environment, the "deep sleep" system, the low-alkaline potable water system and fully smart rooms. The hotel has been granted two stars according to China's Ministry of Construction's Green Building Evaluation Standard as well as the US LEED Silver certification, making the MiniMax the first hotel in China to receive both certifications. 

Global debut in China

As the world's first MiniMax Hotel, MiniMax Hotel Shanghai Songjiang will open its doors for business in December of 2014. 

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