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From the Corner Office: Orbitz's CEO Barney Harford

02/09/2010| 9:08:57 AM| 中文

Harford’s career grew alongside the rise of online travel with his tenure at Expedia, and he has recently been tapped to help sector giant Orbitz stay competitive in a time of declining travel spending and fierce competition from nimble startups.

Barney Harford gets a huge kick out of looking back a mere 15 years, when booking a hotel room meant numerous telephone calls to compare rates and amenities. After all, today a few clicks of a mouse gets you lists of comparative rates, photos and Google Map images, user feedback, and an extremely accurate idea of how far the property actually is from the beach.

While he may not admit it, Harford has played a big role in making that enormous technological leap in such a sort amount of time.

Read the full story at http://www.successmagazine.com/orbitzs-ceo-barney-harford/PARAMS/article/988

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