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More Chinese departure cities added for Taiwan tourism

04/15/2015| 10:43:56 AM| ChinaTravelNews 中文

Taiwan Tourism Agency said its China tourism policy prioritizes quality and the relaxation of Chinese visitor numbers must be carried out in an orderly manner.

Chinese nationals of 11 more mainland cities can apply for independent travel to Taiwan after China approved the fifth batch of Taiwan-bound departure points on April 15. This brings the total number of approved independent travel departure points to Taiwan to 47.

47 Chinese cities for departure to Taiwan

The newly added departure points include Haikou, Hohhot, Lanzhou, Yingchuan, Changzhou, Zhoushan, Huizhou, Weihai, Longyan, Guilin and Xuzhou.

The latest batch has opened up all provincial and regional capitals –except Tibet, Xingjiang and Qinghai autonomous areas – for independent travel to Taiwan. 

Young Chinese nationals flocking to Taiwan

Taiwan has been a popular destination for Chinese nationals, having received 2.1864 million mainland arrivals by the end of February 2015,compared to 1.179 million arrivals in 2014, an increase of 125.8% y-o-y.

In the first two months of 2015, Taiwan received 5,033 Chinese visitors on tour groups and 4,554 independent visitors daily, according to Taiwan Strait Tourism Association. 

A survey by Want China Times shows that 32.41% of Chinese visitors to Taiwan in 2014 were aged between 25 and 34 and 19.76% were in the 15 and 24 age group, indicating more than half of the Chinese visitors to Taiwan are under 35.

Want Times reporter Hui Zhong said the recent boom in youth tourism to Taiwan was a change from the previous trend of largely middle-aged and elderly visitors visiting Taiwan for “historical and personal ”purposes.

Young Chinese visitors have highly original consumption patterns, frequenting Taipei hotspots like 101 tower and Shimending Night Market and taking cycling tours around the island, diving in Sun Moon Lake or partaking in eco-tourism such as cattle ranches and farms and Buddhist pilgrimages.

More than 50% of independent Chinese travelers to Taiwan are aged between 20 to 40, and the male to female ratio is 2:3, according to Ctrip’s statistics.

Changsha resident Qingjian Qiu visited Taiwan twice in the second half of 2014. She chose to visit Taiwan because she heard of its beautiful and unspolit secenery and ,as a huge fan of Taiwan drama idols, she was thrilled to visit the places featured in her favorite shows like the Pingxi Railway, Tamkang University and Cape No 7.

Taiwanese cuisine is another major draw card for Chinese visitors, according to a report by Taiwan’s ET Today. The 18th Cross-straits Tourism Industry Association announced in its March gathering that the most popular Taiwanese specialties for mainland visitors were Tan-Tsai noodles, Taiwan beef noodles and ginger stewed duck.

In Taiwan night markets, oyster omelets are a hit with Chinese and Hong Kong visitors.  It is one of the three “must try” night market snacks along with pearl tea and pungent tofu. 

Restrictions on Chinese national visitor number to be lifted?

Taiwan Tourism Agency has revealed it is evaluating various factors such as market needs, visitor reception capacity and departure cities of the Chinese independent tourism market to determine, in conjunction with Taiwan immigration authorities and its Mainland Affairs Council, if the quota for Chinese visitors will be relaxed.

Taiwan Tourism Agency said its China tourism policy prioritizes quality and the relaxation of Chinese visitor numbers must be carried out in an orderly manner.(Translation by David)

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