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Targeting Marriott, Hyatt to set Wi-Fi free worldwide

12/23/2014| 9:51:29 PM| 中文

Hyatt will offer free unlimited wireless internet at its properties worldwide starting in February. The goal is to draw travelers in to a marketing portal, and also to out-do rival chains in the amenity wars.

Earlier this year, Marriott pledged free wifi, but only for members of its loyalty rewards program.

Hyatt is instead taking the tactic of treating wifi as a standard utility, like a hair dryer or a phone, by offering it to all guests. That may help it avoid the problem Marriott faces from people who say its wifi perk is anti-corporate travel.

Each Hyatt guest will log in with a unique identifier, so Hyatt will know where the guest is but also some information about who the guests is–setting the stage for targeted marketing messages.

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