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Making every second count in mobile travel marketing

11/15/2014| 6:07:42 PM| 中文

Traveling is the ultimate mobile experience, both in the physical sense and in the way that we access information. Think about how many times you check your smartphone while walking in an unfamiliar city.

Whether it’s to get directions, find a place to eat or change your travel itinerary, smartphones have become an indispensable travel companion.

In fact, a recent eMarketer report revealed that approximately 26 million US consumers will book travel through a mobile device in 2014. This, combined with a recent Criteo report finding that travel ad click-through rates are higher on mobile than desktop, highlights the scale of the opportunity for marketers.

Companies in the travel industry – particularly comparative search engines for plane tickets, hotel rooms and more – have worked hard and spent significant amounts of money to keep pace with the mobile boom. However, they’ve struggled to cater to the particular needs of their mobile customers.

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