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Beijing tour operators promote “APEC Holiday” tours

10/14/2014| 3:41:20 PM| 中文

A six days holiday in Beijing during the APEC summit has every major tour operator rushing to attract the sudden influx of potential customers

News of a six days holiday in Beijing during the APEC summit has just been released. Every major tour operator is rushing to add extra products and to put together additional offers in a bid to attract the sudden influx of potential customers.

Visa-Free destinations likely to be the most popular

There is still around a month’s time until the APEC Holiday starts making it possible to get a visa for Europe or the USA. However, many workplaces have still not set their holidays so by the time most Beijingers finally get around to applying the only outbound tours left to choose from will be short trips and visa free destinations.

Tour operators have already dispatched emergency notifications to their sales departments to postpone the sale of products that where originally planned for mid-October until after the APEC Holiday. At the same time they will increase bookings and preparation for visa-free destinations.

Better value than National Day Holiday and Spring Festival

After Golden Week the travel industry traditionally enters a slow season. Recently the prices of many tour routes have dived and prices are now a bargain compared to the prices during the National Day Holiday. This makes it the ideal time for Beijingers to take a trip.

Ctrip data shows that airfares up until mid-December will be comparatively cheaper. For example a ticket from Beijing to Qingdao will basically cost around 100 RMB and tickets from Beijing to Xian will be 70% cheaper than during the peak season.

Additionally, many civil servants have been busy with the many public festivities during the National Day Holiday so they would likely take advantage of this opportunity to travel. Others could use their year-end holidays to extend the six day holiday and fully enjoy a long trip. (Translation by David)

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