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Tourism Boom Attributed to 'Girls-Only" Holidays

07/14/2014| 10:50:30 AM|

Ctrip Travel Network recently released the 2014 Korea Tourism Report which shows that 70% of visitors traveling to Korea are women.

Another tourism market survey showed that in the Asia Pacific region, whether for business travel or leisure travel, the proportion of female travelers is growing rapidly.

According to the survey, conducted by Budget Travel Network, the top three agendas for confidantes traveling together in a group are "to taste a variety of foods" (98% support), "taking photos"(85% support) and "share photos online" (77% support).

According to Hong Kong Disneyland, young visitors from Mainland China aged between 18-34 account for 50% of the total number. Moreover, in recent years, the proportion of men and women visiting the park has maintained about a roughly 3:7 ratio; young women accounted for 35% of the overall number of guests. In addition, groups of female friends are the largest proportion of group-visitors (outside of families) to visit the park, showing that the growth potential of female travelers can not be ignored.

Hong Kong Disneyland has begun to adjust its marketing strategy, and began to consciously target "gilfriends business".

"Girlfriends Tours" may lead to changes in the industry when it comes to marketing and has the potential to bring commercial opportunities in shopping, beauty and food.

When women travel together they encourage each other to participate and engage in all sorts of activities.

"Girlfriends Tours" are definitely a valuable asset, but most tourist destinations in the Mainland have ignored the data. It is important to generate relevant action from big data.

(Source: nandu.com/Translated and edited by Women of China)

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