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21 Travel Media Brands That Lead on Social Media

02/10/2014| 10:13:03 AM| 中文

Becoming part of the conversation along the road from inspiration, to booking, to travel, and then back again is essential for any successful travel media brand.

And as brands seek to expand from either the printed page or simply their own website, they broadcast through social media, stoke conversations with their fans, and attempt to reach new readers through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

SkiftIQ covers the social media activity of over two thousand travel brands and of that, more than five dozen are travel media brands like Lonely Planet, Travel + Leisure, and Gadling. Using Skift Score, an independent performance indicator, we’re able to judge the performance of these brands not just by numbers, but by the types of interactions they have with users and the conversations in which they participate.

By that metric, Travel Channel is the most successful media brand on social media. It’s mix of activity on the four leading networks and level of interaction with users gives it the edge over its peers, even if the television channel itself is rarely about travel these days. The full list of 21 brands is below.

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