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Why consumers may not like your travel images

12/27/2013| 10:00:04 AM| 中文

Visual content is taking over on some of the best marketing practices in almost every industry, specially in tourism where travel images are powerful elements.

The latest and most popular social media networks nowadays, are image driven (Pinterest, Instagram); and many hotels play a determining role in each of these platforms because they understand the importance of visual engagement and interaction.

Many times though, these visuals perform poorly on a hotels website or on OTA channels, and the sale is lost. But, do you know why? Here are the most common reasons:

1.They look old, or small

As time passes computer screens get bigger and bigger, and so should your visuals! No one likes seeing a 300×300 image on a 2880×1800 computer screen. It doesn’t only give a bad image of your hotel; people will immediately run away and jump onto the next option.

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