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Importance of digital supply chain in airline industry

10/29/2013| 11:35:54 AM| 中文

The world has evolved into a virtual reflection of itself. For everything that moves in the real world there are digital footprints in the virtual world. It’s time that the travel industry stood up, paid attention and managed its digital supply chain effectively.

One of the most fascinating things that technology has done for people is create a digital version of practically everything, from money to relationships and entertainment to education and even people (avatars).

With mobility, this trend has jumped up a notch – always connected, always ON. What this does for airlines is to create immense possibilities both for revenue generation and cost optimisation. But a slight paradigm adjustment is required – welcome to the age of the digital supply chain.

A term originated in the media industry, digital supply chain is equally applicable to the airline industry. Especially when considering the digital assets of user-generated content, airline-generated content, agent-generated content and transactional data – both offline and real-time.

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