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Four Seasons Hotels: Building A Hospitality And Customer Service Culture

09/04/2013| 5:47:37 AM| 中文

One of the keys to building a company is to make a decision about what you stand for, and what you will stand for, as a company. And then publicizing that decision. That decision, if it is sincere and is effectively broadcast, can help build, from that day forward, your culture.

When I started my career as a customer service and hospitality consultant and keynote speaker, I assumed I’d be hired by companies with desperately bad customer service, in dire need of an overhaul. What I’ve found instead is that organizations with pretty-good-already customer service are the ones that engage my services, with an eye toward becoming even better.

I attribute this client mix phenomenon, perhaps uncharitably, to the following: Companies that are clueless about customer service and hospitality have no idea how bad they are, but good-already companies know the value of their good service, and can infer how they will benefit from learning to provide truly great service.

Which brings me to the story of one of the great hospitality organizations of our time, and how it turned around (if that’s the right word) a pretty-good-already situation to create something phenomenal and lasting.

Read full story at: http://www.forbes.com/sites/micahsolomon/2013/09/01/four-seasons-hotels-building-a-hospitality-service-culture-without-starting-from-scratch/

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