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How to get 1 million Facebook ‘likes’

04/24/2013| 9:48:28 AM| 中文

Hotels should develop a targeted strategy and implement a proposed marketing plan.

We’ve spent a lot of time writing about social media the past few years. The attention is as much a result of the rapidly changing nature of the platforms as it is our readers’ insatiable thirst for information. They know Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are big, and they want in on the action.

But the social media waters can prove murky at best. The surface might sparkle, but torrent currents often wait in the abyss below.

That’s why, as our coverage has shown, it’s better to wade in strategically than jump in headfirst. Hilton Hotels & Resorts has found success adopting the former approach. The hotel chain was the first in the industry to hit the 1-million-‘like’ mark on Facebook last month—a massive accomplishment that speaks to the savvy of the team pulling the levers behind the scenes.

Read full story at: http://www.hotelnewsnow.com/blog.aspx/10314/3/How-to-get-1-million-Facebook-likes

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