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Getting Armchair Travellers out of their seats

04/07/2013| 10:05:29 AM| 中文

Ian Welch provides eight top tips that will be vital in helping travel marketers reach Armchair Travel Bookers.

This is a guest post from Ian Welch, Consultant, Data and Analytics at Experian Marketing Services.

For travel marketers, the internet continues to grow in significance as customers examine reviews, check out destinations and look for the best deals online.

Experian’s Mosaic Digital Insights, which draws on the Mosaic consumer segmentation, reveals a number of distinct online consumer behavioural groups – one of which is Armchair Travel Bookers. Those in this group have discovered the convenience of researching and booking trips online, and checking the weather for their next break. They tend to be online in the day, usually between 9am and 6pm and, consist of some of the UK’s wealthiest consumers, making them a valuable group for travel brands to engage with. The travel-related websites they are most likely to visit include Easyjet, Thomson and Tripadvisor.

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