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Five tech-savvy hotel amenities

11/08/2012| 9:32:58 AM| 中文

Five tech-savvy hotel amenities include bedside headphone jacks,stronger wi-fi signals, Kindles on loan and power strips with international plugs.

(Hong Kong’s Hotel ICON encourages its guests to download their free, multi-language iPhone and iPad app.)

When it comes to technology, most hotels haven’t kept pace with travellers, who increasingly find electronic gadgets to be indispensible.

Travellers worldwide tote three or four portable devices on average, reports a recent survey by Sheraton Hotels. And in the US specifically, a study by Google finds that travellers are using devices about 20% of the time they’re on the road -- more than double the rate from 2009.

Read full story at: http://www.bbc.com/travel/blog/20121023-five-tech-savvy-hotel-amenities

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