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Which travel website is winning the SEO game so far in 2012?

10/10/2012| 10:58:45 AM| 中文

The travel aggregators and price comparison sites are doing an excellent job with their on-page SEO, something that the legacy carrier and older companies with legacy systems have more trouble with.

The search marketing pros at Ayima have been monitoring the state of SEO in the US/UK travel industry over the past year – and it’s ain’t pretty for the legacy brands.

The proliferation of travel aggregators in 2012 has delivered a body blow to the entrenched travel concerns, making it increasingly difficult for airlines and hotel brands to secure a sizable SEO market share. Price comparison websites are also doing a fastidious job at staying ahead in the vaunted SEO rankings.

The report, released earlier this summer and available here, provides an in-depth look at the SEO rankings of some of the biggest travel brands in the industry.

Read full story at: http://www.tnooz.com/2012/10/08/data/which-travel-website-is-winning-the-seo-game-so-far-in-2012/

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