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The new Google travel ecosystem… from the user point of view

08/22/2012| 9:32:55 AM| 中文

The folk over at Travopia have taken an alternative view of the ecosystem chart and outlined how it now looks from the front-end user’s perspective.

Back in July 2010, when Google said it was splashing out $700 million on air search and shopping tech provider ITA Software, officials put together a handy diagram. 

The online travel ecosystem, as it was called, outlined where Google’s latest acquisition sat in the world of travel distribution and was produced in part to demonstrate to US regulators that despite it suddenly making a serious move on the world of travel, other providers remained and were apparently plentiful. 

The chart (which was actually quietly updated from an original version to keep some of the newbies happy) became a visual cornerstone for Google as it found itself under investigation by the Department of Justice for the next nine or so months.

Read full story at: http://www.tnooz.com/2012/08/20/news/the-new-google-travel-ecosystem-from-the-user-point-of-view/

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