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Fine-tuning for flash sales: what works and what doesn’t

07/06/2012| 10:32:52 AM| 中文

Hotels should restrict flash sales per year, plan carefully and highlight the property in the best possible way to better utilize the flash sales model.

In Depth: A number of flash sales sites promise to inspire people to travel and introduce them to new destinations and properties. The argument goes that if hotel content is well presented, this is enough to convert customers. But should hotels companies always share their inventory? Ritesh Gupta finds out.

Travel planning has changed drastically in recent years. In the past most consumers would start with certain parameters such as location, experience, budget and so on. But today people are consuming a range of content on many different devices. So a customer with no intention of travelling may find themselves reading about a property online which also gives the option to purchase at a discounted rate. Before long they have booked the hotel.

Timing is crucial

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