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Sabre joins YouArrive in boosting travel ancillaries

12/14/2016| 10:21:46 AM| 中文

Sabre has struck a deal with YouArrive so that its network of travel agents can offer nearly half a million products to customers as they book a flight or hotel.

YouArrive content will now be available on the Sabre Red Marketplace, including items as diverse as toiletries and gadgets, to camping gear and, err, breathalysers.  

The idea is that travellers can pre-order products that they do not necessarily already have or want to take with them on a flight (such as a tent, food or cooking equipment) and have them delivered to their destination. 

As with other ancillary sales, agencies get a commission on each item sold.

Deliveries are set for a specific date (such as arrival, or during a stay), including on-board cruise ships. 

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