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Varitrip releases the first Chinese tours & activities GDS

08/30/2016| 11:32:20 AM|

Beijing-based travel technology company Varitrip has released China's first GDS for tours and activities to cater to the industry's on-demand and live booking operations.

Varitrip, a Beijing based travel technology company with 10 years of experience in providing inbound tours & activities and tour packages to travel distributors, has released China's first tours and activities' global distribution system (GDS) to cater to the travel industry's on-demand and live booking operations and needs. GDS provides a 24/7 service and products optimized for last-minute distribution.

Despite the outflow of Chinese tourists to foreign destinations, there has been a notable growth in China inbound tourism market and technology. China National Tourism Administration expects more than 137 million visitors to China in 2016. A 9.0% increase over 2015 for international arrival. Inbound tourism expenditure is estimated to increase by 6.5% and reach USD121 billion. According to Ctrip, the leading OTA in China, a 10.9% growth of foreign visitors was reported in the first quarter of 2016 alone.

China is increasingly promoted as a travel destination as a result of the nation's remarkable growth and openness in recent years -- China visas have become easier to obtain, the valuation of Yuan is lowered and China is safe for travelers.

Varitrip's products are designed to meet the new needs for travel distributors through the GDS platform and enables opportunities for partners (airlines, cruises, lodging) who are interested in upsells.

These products and upsells include unique and cultural experiences such as a picnic on the Great Wall, which was not easily accessible through other providers.

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