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Tempus Global net income grows 17.15% in 2015

05/03/2016| 9:17:51 PM| ChinaTravelNews 中文

Tempus Global revealed in its annual report that the revenue of 2015 doubled to RMB 928 million and net income attributed to the listed company was RMB 146 million

Integrated travel service platform Tempus Global registered 100.14% revenue growth for 2015,  to RMB 928 million, and net income attributed to the public company was RMB 146 million, according to the company’s annual report released on April 25.  

The report also said that the company’s revenue generated from corporate travel management was RMB 587 million, up by 62.94%, and finance service revenue grew 229.49% to RMB 341 million. 

The air ticket e-commerce of the Shenzhen-based company is mainly B2B oriented. Riding on the momentum of consolidation in the industry, the company stepped up its M&A plans in 2015. Its market share in air ticketing increased drastically during the year as the company diversified its operation strategies and enhanced interaction between the online platform and offline channels to upgrade its platform and build a solid marketing network.

For its travel business, the company was extending into a broader area of travel services by integrating internet finance with the travel chain of service, targeting its core customer group in the ticketing business. Its acquisition of XinXin Travel helped Tempus Global gain online services DNA to continue its vertical extension in the tourism market. The tourism ecosystem of  Tempus Global is thus taking shape as it has built a comprehensive business structure that connects resources with consumers to deliver tour services and ultimate user experience. (Translated by Jerry)

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