How travel decisions are made in today’s multiscreen world
10/12/2015|10:24:43 PM|Tnooz

How people research and book travel online continues to evolve with the proliferation of devices – and understanding the changing habits and behaviors of today’s digitally-savvy travelers is critical for marketers in the industry.

Recent studies commissioned by Expedia Media Solutions, the digital marketing arm of Expedia, Inc., and conducted by comScore looked at the role that mobile plays throughout the sales funnel – by analyzing how UK and US travelers interact with multiplatform online travel content across devices and travel planning stages.

Tnooz covered the UK-only aspects of the Expedia/comScore survey in July.

These findings are especially interesting in the context of a recent white-paper from the Interactive Advertising Bureau  (IAB)  which describes the “liquid consumer” – someone who inhabits a complex online ecosystem, taking a myriad of pathways through online content and devices on their way to making a purchase.

Among the findings from the studies:

· The online audience is enormous: 248 million people in the US and 48 million in the UK engage with digital content across all devices.

· Having multiple devices is becoming the norm: 65% of U.S. households have more than three devices, while three out of four British travelers have one of each – a laptop, a smartphone and a tablet.

· Mobile continues to grow: The total UK and US mobile travel audience is slightly larger than that of PC.

The data showed that engagement with online content by today’s typical consumer varies by platform. An especially revealing finding from the survey showed the degree to which mobile – and particularly tablet usage – spikes at the end of the day, during prime-time, between 8 and 10 p.m.

Your target customer may have seen your ad on their mobile during the morning, looked a bit more closely on their desktop during lunch, and then noticed it again while browsing their social media in the afternoon. After dinner, however, they are sitting down with their tablets. While share of device traffic for mobile rests between 3% and 6%  throughout the day, it spikes to nearly 12% during prime time.

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