Kayak.com saves on troubleshooting time via Coradiant's TrueSight Real-User Monitoring
02/06/2007|4:22:00 PM|Eyefortravel
Travel search engine Kayak.com is ensuring delivery of "exceptional" online travel experience via Coradiant User Performance Management equipment. (2/2/2007)

Kayak.com uses Coradiant´s TrueSight Real-User Monitoring equipment to manage the performance and availability of their "ground-breaking" site.

Bill O´Donnell, chief architect, Kayak.com said, "Coradiant´s TrueSight Real-User Monitoring equipment shows us on one page, what the entire site is doing in terms of performance and responsiveness and help us deliver full availability and a superior online experience to our users. When problems develop, we´re saving hours of troubleshooting time. As a result, Kayak.com users receive a fast, reliable online experience. With TrueSight, we see what all the users see, and we know everything is working to our standards."