Worldspan enriches Trip Manager XE with this cost-saving enhancement
01/31/2007|10:26:00 AM|Eyefortravel
Worldspan has added a cost-saving enhancement to its online self-booking tool, Worldspan Trip Manager XE. (1/29/2007)

The travel technology company says a new variance tool gives corporate travel administrators expanded features that set spending limits and enforce travel policy while business travelers are booking flights online. The variance tool provides an added flight policy option to better manage compliance with unique travel policies.

“Trip Manager XE already enabled travel administrators to establish maximum airfare policies; however, the new tool lets them set different parameters based on either a dollar amount or a percentage over the lowest available airfare. If a business traveler books a flight with a greater variance than what the settings allow, the booking is flagged. Corporate travel administrators have choices in how the system treats such bookings, including traveler alerts and flexible settings that determine if bookings are allowed or programmatically inhibited. Administrators can change variance amounts at any time,” stated the company.