Non-ticket sales expected to add US$805 million revenue for China Eastern in 3 yrs
06/26/2015|5:05:19 PM|ChinaTravelNews

China Eastern Airlines is using new technology to develop value-added customer service that is expected to generate non-ticket sales revenue of RMB5 billion (approx: US$805 million) in three years, the airline’s vice president Bing Tang said on June 25 in Beijing.

Mr. Tang said China Eastern set up China Eastern Airlines E-Business Co in December 18, 2014 as part of its focus on establishing a global carrier, connecting the business online, integrating its resources with social resources and setting up an O2O open service platform. China Eastern’s goal is to adopt “online +” in its businesses.

Mr. Tang said China’s aviation industry has been focusing on upgrading its fleet efficiency to increase marginal income and profit, but China Eastern revolves its business around customers as much as the fleet, and hence endeavors to enhance added value to customers to increase earnings from non-ticket-related services.

China Eastern uses air ticket sales as an access point to its service platform, then provides a one-stop service for passengers with various product lines to offer travel solutions to satisfy any requirements. China Eastern uses mobile internet, big data management tools and constant user experience improvement to convert passenger traffic flow.(Translation by David)