Cheapflights invests in
01/18/2007|2:54:00 PM|Eyefortravel
Flight price search and comparison site Cheapflights Ltd. has made a strategic investment in the Icelandic global flights planner, dohop ltd. Financial details weren’t shared. (1/16/2007)

The free website enables travellers to research available flight routes and scheduled departures and arrivals worldwide. It facilitates journey planning and is particularly helpful for finding unusual flight connections. Founded in 2004, operates the world’s first flight planner, which is free to consumers.

Hugo Burge, Cheapflights’ vice chairman and head of international said, “’s technology establishes the third generation in real-time availability travel search. This follows the launch of online travel agencies in 1996, and the so-called `Metasearch’ sites in 1999. Using innovative Ajax functionality, now provides a quantum leap in consumer experience. Like Cheapflights, it is a unique and ground-breaking product. For this is in offering a direct and simple window into increasingly complex airline schedules and worldwide connections.”

He added: “As one of the two oldest established travel websites, we at Cheapflights believe that our own experience in building an international web business will help provide the management expertise, industry contacts and consumer focus to help drive the future world growth and success of This is a perfect tool for those who need to know precise flight times, routes and availability from anywhere to anywhere else...”