How can I get the best photos to use in my marketing?
02/11/2015|10:03:58 AM|HAMAI

Most would agree that having great photography is essential to a successful digital marketing strategy. Sure, we all know what we like but from a professional perspective, are there any tips on how to achieve great photos? How to choose a great photographer? How to work with the photographer to stage a successful photo shoot?  Close up or wide shot? With or without people? Are there any technical tips I need to know about the quality of images to share? Should I add a watermark of my hotel's logo or keep the image plain?

Having stunning visuals is important for every industry, but especially for hotels! You want to showcase photos that travelers want to see the most – Leonardo data shows that the number one type of visual travelers want to see is photos of guest rooms, followed by restaurants and recreation! Many hotel websites feature lots of great images of the exterior of the property, the hotel lobby, and of amenities and while it’s important to have those images, that’s not the number one thing travelers want to see. To achieve great photos, the first step is to take photos of what travelers are looking for.

Next, I always recommend that you think like your hotel guest. Would this image convince you to stay here? Do you  have all the information you need? Do your photos show how you are different from your competition? Choose a great photographer who can ensure those questions are answered when someone is browsing your site. The same applies when staging the photo shoot – think like a guest and keep in mind the top ten images they want to seewhen they’re shopping online.

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