Evergrande to build 100 five-star hotels in the next ten years
10/11/2014|3:52:29 PM|TraveDaily

Jianjun Peng, Evergrande Group’s Vice President, announced at the opening ceremony of the Wuhan Hengda Hotel that Evergrande will start construction on 100 five-star hotels in the next ten years. Evergrande Group is a leader in property development in China and now aims to create a high-end hotel brand with hotels in all the major, second, and third tier cities of China.

Wuhan Hengda Hotel is the flagship hotel of Evergrande Group in the central China region. Jianjun Peng says, “Recently Evergrande Group is intensifying efforts to enter the travel and leisure industry. In 2007 we setup the Hengda Hotels and Resorts Group and we now have many luxury five-star hotels in the south, west, and north regions of China. We are now aiming to have 100 hotels operational within the next ten years”.(Translation by David)